Catching People Unaware

_MG_7227 _MG_7227 copy

IMG_0892IMG_0892 copy

IMG_0934IMG_0934 copy

IMG_0902IMG_0902 copy

IMG_0937IMG_0937 copy


IMG_0908IMG_0908 copy

IMG_0872IMG_0872 copy_MG_7186_MG_7186 copy

_MG_7181_MG_7181 copy

My group’s theme was “catching people unaware”. Speaking honestly, I assumed we were going to get many hilarious pictures of the people in our lives. After actually taking the pictures, I realized that a lot of the pictures were very beautiful and poetic. Catching people unaware allowed us to capture the “realness” of the image. We captured the identity and personality of our subjects in their natural habitat. When it came to editing, I found it a little hard to enhance the greatness of the photo because the photos were already so beautiful. I found myself wanting to just leave the photo unedited and untouched #NoFilter


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